Monday Mutants 16: Bog-Devil

Outland Arts
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Bog-Devils have no use for valuables or relics, and toss them aside like trash among the cadavers and egg hosting bodies of their humanoid victims. These vast troves of grisly remains and priceless artifacts can grow deep, and with a lifespan of over a hundred years, the lair of a bog-devil is sought after by both skullock war bands, and human excavators.

To purposefully seek this known man-eater is sheer madness. The beasts hunt people almost exclusivity, and use their terrible claws, fearsome mandibles, tail slap and volley of javelin-like shooting spines to wipe out whole dig teams.

Still, with luck, and skill, and desperation, a careful band of diggers might try their luck at the beast’s lair, and just hope the damn thing is sleeping, or off on one of its ruthless hunts.

Introducing is our 16th Monday Mutant release for the Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. This addition is the biggest we’ll ever do, and includes an isometric map and mini adventure for about five, 2nd rank player characters called ‘The Bog-Devil’s Lair’. This creature listing has 12 pages of content and includes a 1d8 mutation table and extensive 62 entry random discoveries table for what a team, or stealthy individual, might find in the gruesome bone pile near a bog-devil’s lair. Follow along on our social media feeds for more freakish, post-apocalyptic nastiness each Monday until we add this next dozen to the collection. Once we get to 24 muties, we’ll put them and 6 more surprise creepy critters in a new bestiary book!

Want to support an indie publisher and artist? Grab your copy of the bog-devil at the great recession survivor friendly ‘Pay What You Want’ price, leave a rating or review, but also check out our growing line of source books and adventures.

Here’s a peek of this 12 page PDF:

As with all Monday Mutants, go ahead and alter the bog-devil’s stats for personal use with another game system, but this mutie rampages best using the fast-paced Outland System used by The Mutant Epoch RPG.

Learn more about this well supported system by harvesting your free TME Quick Start Rules with the included 42 page adventure ‘Muddy Mayhem’ right here:

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