Monday Mutants Bestiary

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30 Mutie Monsters to Challenge Every Excavator

As a Game Master for The Mutant Epoch, you need more mutie monsters, treasure tables, and a few short adventures to begin the mayhem!

As a TME player, you need more challenges, more heroics, and more wicked loot!

You’ll find all this, and more, within these pages! While 24 of the creatures in this tome of terrors are available as ‘pay what you want’ pdf downloads, we’ve enhanced many of them with more art and created 6 all new mutant monstrosities to challenge even the most robust dig team.

These 6 new critters are exclusive to this bestiary and include the gargantua-bison, junk-ghoul, muto-colossus, flyoid, trash-anemone, and an enormous mutant chicken called a razor beak. The other twenty-four freaks include massive apex predators like the lump devil, weed demon, masher, and pheedlot, a deep water reptilian called the wave lurker, as well as insidious ambush hunters such as the wall hugger, wyngdeth, and spider sister. Here too, player character must to contend diminutive humanoids such as the skayl lizard folk, or even smaller piffers. Other creatures include the foul-mouthed krutok, merciless shokgast, grotesque skullgut, bog-devil, along with other nightmares such as the arm-gunn, dust fiend, wriggle-hack, grumble strike, junko, noxo, rubble-imp, sap-crawler, beaked-slasho, and giant grumpy stomp

This book uses the Outland System™ game mechanic and requires only The Mutant Epoch™ hub rules RPG game book to play.

Included in this 206 page book

• 30 Nightmarish mutants, with many random mutation and loot tables, along with full art player handout sheets for each.

• Encounter Tables

• 101 Illustrations

• 3 Flat and 6 Isometric maps

• 4 Mini adventures for the ‘Shokgast’

• 2 Complete adventures: ‘The bog-devil’s Lair’ and ‘The Wall Hugger’s Tower’

• Plus, SOE (Society of Excavator) members can freely download all the maps,

and player handout images at

Some art Samples from this 206 page 'Mutant Manual':

Visit our social media feeds to say hello. We’re on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,, as well as and to list only a few places. See all these links at our webpage. While a game master can stat these post-apocalyptic terrors into another game system, these muties are most fearsome when used by the Outland System used by The Mutant Epoch RPG.

Are you curious about The Mutant Epoch? Not sure you wanna spend your silver on a new game? Then why not take the Outland System and TME setting for a test drive? Download our free Quick Start Rules with the included 42 page adventure ‘Muddy Mayhem’ right here:

quick start rules at gumroad:

PS. Stay tuned for the much anticipated and overdue TME Expansion Rules Book. Visit our website to see the table of contents and frequently updated art gallery for this epic book.

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Monday Mutants Bestiary

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