Monday Mutants 21: Noxo

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These man eaters are as big as a bull, cunning, quick and equipped with lashing tentacles, frontal stabbing legs and whatever armament the foremost torso wields in its powerful arms. Worse, these genetically engineered battle beasts of old make separate mental or energy attacks from each of their three hideous heads, and if a hunt isn’t going its way, it will unleash a gaseous discharge of noxious, eye and throat burning tear gas — a feature which is the source of this mutant monster’s name.

The noxo is our 21st Monday Mutant for The Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. This wasteland horror is dangerous at any distance, actively hunts dig teams, caravans and entire villages, and often isn’t alone. Besides moving in small packs, many ancient specimens of these enormous, unpredictable beasts knowingly play along with cults of primitives, especially skullocks and moaners, and serve as their impatient, ever hungry and demanding god. What foul deeds will the devotees of a noxo undertake? What will the tentacled, multi-headed ruin lord do to either expand its territory or eliminate the intrusions of human excavators into its wasteland realm?

Here's what's in the PDF:

The noxo PDF is an 8 page listing that includes a special selection table needed to a randomly assign a different mutation to each of the beast’s three heads. Other tables include the weaponry held by the frontal torso and a meaty 2d20 loot table which besides valuables, has a few adventure hooks laced into it as well as NPC captives in dire need of rescue. This freak isn’t something game masters would want to put in the path of 1st rank characters, unless they are clever, fast, or both. Grab your copy of the noxo today!

Check out our social media feeds to see all new post-apocalyptic monstrosities each Monday until we add this next dozen to the collection. We’re on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,, as well as and to list only a few places. See all these links at our webpage. Once we get to 24 new creatures, we’ll put them, and 6 more surprise freaks, in a new bestiary book for all of you who like a printed mutant manual at your game table!

As with all Monday Mutants, adjust the noxo’s stats for personal use for use with another game system if you must. It goes without saying that these buggers are most dangerous when fuelled by the high-octane Outland System used by The Mutant Epoch RPG. Learn more about this well supported system by harvesting your free TME Quick Start Rules with the included 42 page adventure ‘Muddy Mayhem’ right here:

Harvest your copy of the noxo at the affordable ‘Pay What You Want’ price. If you have a moment and want to support an independent publisher, please share the link to this new freak on or or other gaming sites, but also check out our growing line of source books and adventures.

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Next week, keep your eyes on the sky for the dreaded Wyngdeth.

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Monday Mutants 21: Noxo

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