Monday Mutants 17: Skullgut

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Don’t lose your head!

Of all the horrors of the post-apocalyptic, Epochian era, few mutants compare to the malevolence, unpredictability, and nightmarish doings of the dreaded skullgut.

These large, bloated things are head hunters in the truest sense, and collect the still living craniums of adventurers and use them both for their own sick pleasure and offensive mental mutations. While often encountered alone, many instead serve as a deity or prophet for man-eating barbaric humanoids, especially skullocks and moaners, and will launch raids on trade caravans, barter outposts and villages in search of new victims. These cunning, often cowardly bullies make for the perfect boss villain in any game master’s campaign. Grab your copy today.

Introducing our 17th Monday Mutant offering for the Mutant Epoch (TME) Tabletop RPG. At nine pages long, this addition is the second biggest we’ll ever do, and includes quick armament table, minions table, a random d20 listing of the mutations for absorbed heads, as well as a generous loot table for the sort of grisly remains found in this monster’s den. We’ve also added three adventure hooks to help GMs get started with these new, freaky butchers of the badlands. Follow along on our social media feeds to see more post-apocalyptic creeps each Monday until we add this next dozen to the collection. Once we get to 24 muties, we’ll put them and 6 more never before seen muties in a new bestiary book!

Here’s a look at this 9 page PDF:

As with all Monday Mutants, go ahead and alter the skullgut’s stats for personal use with another game system, but this cunning and cruel critter handles best using the fast-paced Outland System used by The Mutant Epoch RPG.

Learn more about this well supported system by harvesting your free TME Quick Start Rules with the included 42 page adventure ‘Muddy Mayhem’ right here:

Grab your copy of the skullgut at the frugal ‘Pay What You Want’ price and if you can, feel free to share the link to this new freak on or or other gaming sites, but also check out our growing line of source books and adventures.

If you like what you see here, please leave a review, or comment below, even a few words is great. If you don’t dig this, email me and let me know how we can make these better (Info at outlandarts dot com). Look for more gaming goodness for The Mutant Epoch RPG in the months ahead and stop by the site to join our mailing list or social media to get all the latest news and updates from Outland Arts.

Next week's freak the Shokgast

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