Dog Daze: Adventure TME-5

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Mayhem on the road • Hunted in the Wastes • An unexpected Subterranean Escape • An epic solitaire saga

A calamity on the Unity Road leaves you on the run in the weeds and wreckage. You aren’t alone, excavator. You’re being tracked, being surrounded, and likely the next meal to the hounds of the wastes. Mutant dogs have always been a threat to trade caravans and travelers along this stretch of broken highway, but of late, things have gotten much worse. The dogs, much more aggressive, appear in greater number, and their hunting tactics better coordinated.

Now, you’re alone in the badlands. Deviated mutts have driven off the rest of the wagon caravan in which you were a passenger, and nearby the hounds hunt you with uncanny resolve. Your goal is to get to the excavator support town of Pitford near the ruins—where you intend to join an archaeological recovery expedition—but the coming night, impending junk storm, and bizarre beasts of the scrub-land make the odds of that very remote. Getting off the surface might be your only hope, especially as the freakish hounds gather around you in the junk and thorn covered ruins and brush. What’s your next move?

Challenge Yourself
Grab your dice, a pencil, some notepaper, and your character sheets and immerse yourself in hours of unpredictable, epic adventure. See if your character can survive in this post-apocalyptic expanse, both above and below ground. And, if your PC meets a bad end, our condolences, but come join the Epochian community online and share your casualties with the hashtag DogDazeKIA on Instagram, twitter, or our other social media saloons.

Dog Daze is a multi-path solo play adventure for The Mutant Epoch tabletop RPG. Designed for one 1st rank character, this fast-paced, highly re-playable module can be used as a training ground for those new to the Outland System and The Mutant Epoch game and setting. Likewise, sections of this book can be inserted into a game master’s own dig sites and encounters, or slid into other published TME adventures.

Regular Group Play
You need make only minor tweaks to convert this solo adventure into a game master directed quest, although as this is a tough dig with high casualties expected, leaving the module as written and adding more PCs will simply allow the excavators to take riskier chances and get themselves into more epic trouble. That said, you might want to pre-generate a half dozen 1st rank player characters for this adventure, and determine randomly which you’ll drop into the journey first. Although, a clever character who finds places to rest up and get a night’s sleep here and there might go up in rank during this expedition. These lucky few could survive to reach the gates of Pitford as a third or fourth rank veteran digger.

Spoiler Alert
A word of warning: if you intend to play this adventure, don’t flip through the pages too far because this is a heavily illustrated game book. While not every scene depicts what might happen to your characters on the first, second, or even third arrival in an area, it will eventually happen, so avoid spoiling any surprises by looking too closely.

What’s Included?

•  240 pages

•  5 new creatures, 3 new relics, and an expanded version of mutant dogs with 24 random mutations

•  3 full page GM only maps sliced up and added throughout the adventure as 100 mini-maps

•  104 illustrations

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Dog Daze: Adventure TME-5

1 rating
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