Handcrafted Dungeons Basic Dungeon Tiles Set 1

Outland Arts
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You've spent countless hours painting your fantasy miniatures to look their best, why not play on some of the best looking gaming tiles?

Handcrafted Dungeons are literally that, crafted and painted by hand. All the details added to the furnished tiles are also hand-built components and placed in the dungeons to add to the adventure's mystery, depth, danger, and treasure hunting appeal. While a bit of retouching was necessary to clarify certain features, modify some stone colors, or show lines, everything you see was either made by hand or built from a scratch model kit as in the case of the skeletons. We made the tiles from air-dry clay, used real stones, sand, and twigs, scraps of wood, and then stained, painted and antiqued the tiles. Even the arms and armor on the skeletons were hand-built.


            Our sets include tiles in their most basic, unfurnished variants as well as adorned  or ‘staged’ versions.  The staged tiles come with bones, skeletal remains, chains, bridges, barrels, staircases, doors, pits, collapsed portions of the ceiling, coffins, crates, blood spatters, treasure piles and more. Using standard one inch tiles, these grids are perfect for 20, 25. 28 and 30mm fantasy games.


These tiles provide ready-to-play gaming terrain that has an old-school, epic sword and sorcery feel, perfect for role-playing or any fantasy miniature dungeon crawl.


           While there are literally hundreds of layout possibilities with HandCrafted Dungeons sets 1 and 2, especially if printing duplicates of standard halls and rooms, one can always use more tiles for more options. Given this, we recommend the wonderful, highly appealing dungeon tiles produced by Inked Adventures. We liked them so much that we made a special 4x8” connecting corridor piece, included in set HCD 1.


Sets include 300dpi Jpegs of all floor tiles and PNG formatted tokens for VTT play (Virtual Tabletop). Plus, each set includes all files in a press ready 300 dpi PDF, perfect for sending to a copy center to be printed on thick paper for tabletop use with miniatures.

You can see a 10 page PDF DEMO at our site here: https://www.outlandarts.com/hcd.htm 

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You'll get a zipped folder containing all the VTT (Virtual Table Top) 300 dpi JPEGS and PNG file tokens, plus a full color, 300dpi, high quality PDF document for printing at a copy center on card stock to create all the floor plan map files and doors and token sheets for tabletop miniature dungeon crawls. You can print them in grayscale, too, if you like, to make output them really affordable and use felts or pencil to make notes and changes right on disposable versions of the floor plans.

Sets 3 & 4 : 'Caverns' in production This line will start with Classic Dungeons sets 1 and 2, and will be followed by Caverns Set 1 which is in production. If you would like to be notified when additional sets become available email us with the words 'Handcrafted Dungeons' or 'HCD updates' or similar in the subject line.
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